Student Stories – Celia Tise

A very inspiring look into a senior life experience, full of fresh awe and wonder.

Produced during the spring semester of 2019, this window into a college student’s life experience is captivating and enlightening.  Celia was looking forward to an internship with Hollis Co. as a media producer which she completed the following summer.  Internships are crucial in a student’s journey and helps to cement them in an industry of their choosing while providing excellent networking opportunities.

Captured with second system audio and synced with a clapper, this footage was a one man band operation.  I opted to ditch the professional gear and get b-roll footage with my iPhone.  Can you tell the difference?  This is a testament to the advancement in consumer electronics and the democratization of this equipment, bringing high quality imagery options to the masses.  What this magic solution doesn’t provide is over twenty years of experience providing these people services, juggling lighting rigs, staying on top of communications and making the client feel like the most important person in the room.


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